Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 27-01-2017 /


Yoga has been a refuge. A place to return to me. This became even more so when anxiety took a hold of my life. My mat was the only place I felt at peace. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I focused mainly on giving to others, struggling for years with a balance that left me burnt out. I hit a very low point, where I lost my job, and being the breadwinner, I felt lost. The Universe aligned, providing me with an opening, an invitation to be a part of teacher training at Full Circle yoga in Longmont, CO. That’s when my life changed forever.

I learned many things during my Teacher Training, and yet the most important part of yoga, the part that really changed everything for me, was learning that yoga is ultimately about loving oneself. Loving oneself, so much so, that we are able to share this love with others, from a deeper, more grounded and enlightened space. Yoga is healing journey. It is also multi-faceted. It allows for opening, flexibility, and grounding to occur in ALL of the dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In my classes, it is my utmost priority to cultivate a safe, sacred space where loving kindness is the dominant theme.

I always offer quotes from inspirational writers and leaders, as well as encourage the student to bring their own intention. I have also found that music is a key element to create a healing environment. It is my hope for each student to walk away feeling grounded, enough as they are, connected with their mind, body and spirit; and a sense of gratitude for each moment.

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