Event Highlight: Chakra Workshop with Valerie D'ambrosio Sunday 2pm-5pm

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 05-06-2015 / Tag: Yoga, chakra, energy center, Full Circle Yoga, Valerie D'ambrosio /

The Chakra workshop with Valerie at Full Circle Yoga is a powerful spiritual experience. When asked about why she was inclined to create the Chakra workshop Valerie passionately expressed that, “Everything is energy. So when we understand that there is no disconnect between the mind and the body, we are that much more able to establish a relationship with the wisdom of our bodies and recognize ways which it is showing up for us. And when we stay in tuned with this we are able to flow through life with more ease and the perception that life is happening for us not to us.” We are so blessed and humbled to have Valerie guide us through this 3 hour journey on Sunday 2pm-5pm. We will explore deeply into our self with the emphasis on an asana practice and the balancing of the energy centers (chakras) within our bodies. Her credibility and her passion to help others as a life coach and yoga teacher is abundant and reaches worldly. Get to know more about the lovely Valerie at http://www.organictwist.com/meet-valerie. She is truly an inspiration and will take you to a safe space of connectedness within yourself you may have not experienced yet.

The importance of balancing the 7 main chakras relates directly to the journey of finding balance in our lives. “Keyword being balancing. It is a balance.” Valerie shares, “Life is an eb and flow and when we are aware of these energy centers and are aware of the efficiencies and or deficiencies we can really recognize ways to draw us back towards midline. Balance in not a straight line it is an eb and flow, but the eb and flow does not have to be so wide it can be more of a dance between these energies. And so when we bring them back in balance we can see the ways in which we might be hindering our ability to live in a more aligned, loving, connected place with our own spirit. Ultimately leading to living a more joyful, healthy and peaceful life when balanced.”

This workshop takes us on a magical wondrous ride. We begin to shift our perceptions from the external and become aware of our internal energetic presence in life. Valerie gently suggests that people attending this workshop can expect to find, “A deeper wisdom of their own bodies and the opportunity to see beyond the physical container with which they’re in. They will see beyond limiting beliefs and patterns that they have and establish a healthier more respectful relationship with this vehicle, discovering internal peace.” This workshop helps alleviate the pressures from the external world and reminds us that we are able to mindfully choose the internal power within.

Let’s face it; in this day and age we often obsess over the external definitions of ourselves allowing it to manipulate our lives without our conscious consent. Perhaps this results in a life that is happening to us not FOR us. The Chakra workshop helps us to solidify a relationship with the unwavering love that roots for us within. In the following Valerie describes this perfectly, “Its about taking responsibility. It’s really easy to look to external things and blame. When we really start to develop this relationship internally with our own self and see our self as energy we can take responsibility and show up for ourselves, potentially in ways that we haven’t before. Then we show more full in our own authentic self in our own authentic space. We begin occupying our space fully from a place of confidence instead of from a place of weakness, blaming, or judging or disconnect.” She goes on to say that, “We show up more connected, grounded, aligned and centered. Using the tools of the energy centers/chakras we really learn that this information is vital and is a huge benefit to our human evolution and creates a more peaceful journey in this vehicle.”

Let your spirit sore free with Valerie and other like-minded people as you journey together to unveil and connect with a more balanced, peaceful, beautiful YOU. See you on your mat.