Event Highlight: Dancing with the Doshas an Ayurvedic Workshop with Shauna Hylenski Oct. 25th 2-5 p.m.

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 22-10-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Shauna Hylenski, Doshas, ayurveda, Balance, Sattva /

Are you looking to expand your yoga practice, health, and connection to your inner self? Perhaps you have heard the word Ayurveda and its benefits within your yoga community. Or maybe you haven’t heard about Ayurveda, but find yourself intrigued in deepening your understanding of health through the mind, body, spirit connection. The Dancing of Doshas workshop with Shauna will create an experience to help educate, attune and deepen the understanding of individual health from nourishing your inner physical body. Shauna shares that, “The Doshas are a tangible introduction into Ayurveda.  The elements of Wind, Fire and Earth are familiar and all around us.  As you begin to understand your dominant dosha and tendencies, you will be able to slowly bring more balance or Sattva into your life with a balance of all three energies.  This can be done through diet, herbs, and the physical practice of asana through yoga.”

 As we return to our mat day after day we begin to see a beautiful tapestry of life, interweaving and connecting aspects in our life like in a new and compelling way. Yoga and Ayurveda “are two sides of the same coin in the great well of Vedic knowledge, which says that we are all connected and that we retain all the wisdom of the ages within our hearts and minds. Yoga is mainly the science of self-realization through the mediums of movement and meditation. It helps focus on the spiritual side of life in its traditional form.  Ayurveda is primarily the science of self-healing aimed at relieving diseases of the body and mind; the physical side of life.  It strives to restore wholeness with our inner self and deep healing,” Shauna explains.

Our journey through life unfolds, ultimately lighting the path that will never lead us astray, especially if we pay attention to the bread crumbs our spirit left along the way.  “The experience that I have had through Ayurveda has helped me to bring balance into my daily life.  I find that I understand myself more fully and my tendencies and am more aware when I fall out of balance.  There are small things that I can do to restore my balance; such as take a walk in nature when I am feeling overwhelmed to connect into calming Kapha energy or to unplug from technology before bed to sooth a busy Vata mind,” Shauna candidly shared. Personally, this workshop is something important to me as yogi. I’ve came to realize that the deep inner work within is crucial to nourishing the soul and Ayurveda is a way to take the yoga practice off the mat and into the body. Shauna goes on to clarify that, “Ayurveda utilizes prana or the life force to heal the body from within through herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle. Ayurveda takes into account each of our unique constitutions. With this insight you will be able to create a way of life that is in harmony with both nature and our higher Self.”

Come and align yourself deeply in this enlightening Dancing with the Doshas event. “This workshop will be a fun and dynamic dance between the science and practice of Ayurveda and its practical applications.  We will discuss the various doshas, determine our dominant constitution with a short written quiz and then experience how to find balance through movement breath and attitude.” We will all leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of ourselves, through Ayurveda, feeling encouraged to navigate our way through life with a broadened perspective of our mind, body, and spirit connection.