Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 22-02-2018 /


Genevieve is an enthusiastic yogi that has had her life enriched by the practice.


When she signed up to attend the 200 Hour Teacher Training here at Full Circle Yoga not only did she hope it was going change her life but she hoped for direction as well. In the funny way the universe likes to work, it gave her these hopes and dreams but not in the way she had expected.


Yoga changed her life because it changed her outlook and her spirit. It gave her direction by showing her the many doors of possibilities that have endless potential and answers. These lessons and her spirit read in her classes which are full of energy, compassion, and exploration. Genevieve loves to invite her students to reach through their own yogi journey to find where they need to be at that moment in time.


One thing she admires most about yoga is how it takes you to the physical and mental limits but it is also keeping your health and safety in mind all of the time. While keeping this in mind when you attend one of her classes you will achieve the full physical benefit not matter what level your practice is but you will also feel this calming wash come over you as you rinsed out any thoughts or feelings that do not serve you in a positive way. In other words, you may get 'yoga stoned'.


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