Giving Back

Author: Jackieb / Date: 16-12-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Yoga Longmont CO, Donation Class, Meghan Larson /

I love the holiday season. I love Christmas trees even though I never buy one. I love decorations although I never put mine up. I love holiday sweets even though I’m a terrible baker. And boy oh boy do I love Christmas music. I would play Christmas music all year long in classes if I could get away with it.

Even though my family holidays were not always “joyous” and full of yuletide “cheer” the lead up to the Christmas and New Years was the best part. Finding ways to help others be happy, drifting off to imaginary lands and future adventures under the twinkle of Christmas lights and spending my humble allowance to give to others. This to me was better than the actual day.

Mother Theresa said that it is not how much you give but how much love you put into giving. During this season of altruism and love, where are you spreading your gifts? My true meaning of Christmas was discovered long ago. I wonder, what is yours?

Join Elise and I on December 17 from 7-8:45 for a free class made for this question and giving from your heart. We will be analyzing backbends and illuminating the proper mechanics of heart openers. Followed up by a relaxing Yoga Nidra session to help cast away any remaining humbuggery. Please join us for the good cause of spreading holiday cheer to the Boulder County CareConnect. BCCC is a non-profit that cares for our local elderly population. 100% of donations go to this worthy cause.

*Caroling encouraged.