Healing, One Breath at a Time by Kendall Bullok

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 19-06-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Kendall Bullock, healing, loss, Yoga, breath, breathe /

Loss is something that we all have experienced. Whether it's a pair of your favorite shoes because they fell apart, a job, or a loved one you held close in passing, we all know loss. With that being said, I hit my lowest level of loss in this life time last June. 

My life, house, job and everything you can imagine was shifting in June 2014. As much as I wanted to enjoy the ride I felt an even bigger tidal wave coming, but didn't know what it was yet. Sure enough on mine and my husband’s four year anniversary, I got the tragic news my father had passed away unexpectedly in a tragic event. In those first few moments my world crashed. I had no idea up from down or reality from nightmare. In those moments I knew all I could do was breathe. Breath to breath was how I survived.  

Everyone around me those next few days and months were truly amazing as I went through life numb, trying to wrap my head around what was going on step by step. After taking a short break the beautiful family at Full Circle Yoga provided me with extreme support as I eased back into teaching. Prior to this tragic event I trained, got certified and had been a teacher at Full Circle Yoga for about two years. With the break, although short and after all I had gone through it felt very intimidating. But the moment I walked back into the doors of the studio I felt at peace again.  Even as a teacher I was a student of my own emotions when coming back to FCY. I was ready to face myself and share all triumph and struggles of my own experience with the students. I was (and still am) going through different steps of grieving, which in turn was a gift. I could naturally feel and work through my own healing as I shared the same compassion with my FCY family.

Keeping yoga in a weekly if not daily practice can heal you in the most incredible ways. In trauma and loss at any degree you go back to your breath and know this too shall pass. But in the meantime you will always have a family and support system with your fellow yogis. Be present in your feelings, accept yourself exactly where you need to be and know that you are perfect in any emotional experience. Coming up on the year anniversary of my fathers passing, yes I'm sad, but not lost. With yoga, breath and the action of unrolling the mat, I am taking the most courageous step to survive tragedy. With each breath and day that comes yoga is my medicine.