Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 13-04-2018 /



Jennifer began her yoga journey in 2016 with a 101 Beginner Series to incorporate some “stretching” into her workout routine. She was instantly hooked. Where had this been hiding all of her life? She began taking as many classes and workshops as her schedule would allow. Little did she know yoga would become her anchor in the storm. In late 2016 she started an ongoing battle with stress related migraines and in January 2017 her Dad was diagnosed with cancer. Her family suffered the profound loss of him in May.


Through it all Jennifer would return to her practice for grounding, comfort, strength, healing and community. She completed her Teacher Training at Full Circle Yoga in the fall of 2017. Viewing the world with new eyes she made the decision to leave her corporate job of 22+ years and embark on a new path.


Jennifer approaches teaching with a heartfelt desire to give back and share with others something that has been a life changing experience for her.

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