Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 21-05-2016 /
John began teaching at Full Circle Yoga soon after completing his teacher training there in 2015. He admits that he entered the training wondering what it could do for him, but soon learned that as a yoga teacher, his focus would be not on himself, but on his students—what they need and what they love about yoga.
What made John fall in love with yoga was the discovery that it was a gentle way to attain a relaxed body and calm mind, which before he had sought only through running—pounding the pavement while blasting his ears with Megadeth.
Getting into, and holding, his very first Warrior II pose, John felt his breathing slow down and his concentration burn right through the stress and tension. Also a long-time musician and guitar teacher, John believes that the magic of musical creativity—the whole world of music based on just 12 notes—will inspire him to create novel sequences with familiar yoga poses.
John’s students can expect a down-to-earth dharma talk and a calming yoga practice that will lift their spirits and keep them coming back for more.
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