Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 05-06-2013 /

Gina has been practicing yoga for about 11 years, but was inspired to go further with her practice throughout her time in Asia in 2010-2011.  When she lived in Thailand she resided near a Buddhist temple.  Hearing the monks perform their daily chants, walking through the temple grounds on her way to school, and sitting in front of images of the Buddha many times over, she was inspired to live a life more in line with Buddhist principles and a lifestyle of yoga.  After she had been home in the U.S. for about a year and a half she found Full Circle Yoga studio in Longmont, Colorado.  It only took a few months of classes there to realize that she was ready to take the leap into a 200-hour Yoga teacher-training course.  The experience of the teacher-training program profoundly effected Gina’s daily perspective and is always eager to share the practice of yoga with others.  She believes that the physical, emotional and spiritual gifts that yoga gives a person are limitless and continues to learn from this.  You can look forward to an energetic and uplifting practice with Gina, but also an opportunity to quiet the mind and listen to the heart.

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