Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 09-07-2013 /

Born and raised in Germany, I traveled and lived all over the place until I came to Colorado in Jan. 2010 to start my PhD at CSU in Fort Collins with Temple Grandin. I was always an outdoor person and enjoy hiking, skiing, also in the back country, hut trips and camping. Being outside and being one with nature gives me peacefulness and relaxation. However, starting a PhD was a fulltime job and very stressful and I started practicing yoga in 2010 which gave me the peace that I needed. While being in the final stretch of my PhD I found myself practicing every single day at Full Circle and I fell in love with the studio and practicing inversions.  It took two months of intense practice in 2013 to convince me to start the teacher training and now I feel ready to share my experience with others. Our daily lives are so full of “stuff”, meetings, appointments and technology that we forget too often to take valuable time for ourselves. In my classes I try to focus on mental and physical relaxation through dynamic vinyasa flows.

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