Shawna S.

Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 20-02-2014 /


Shawna is a certified yoga instructor & teaches a variety of yoga styles such as restorative, yin, hatha, power &vinyasa flow for all levels of students beginning to advanced. Her classes focus on breath, grounding, concentration, present moment awareness, yoga as a moving meditation, compassionate self-awareness, alignment, strength, flexibilty balance, core strength, visualization, intention, deep relaxation and contemplation. Shawna sees yoga as a sacred space & practice to bring health & healing to the body, shift out of our habituated fight or flight stress patterns, slow down, get present, ground and deepen our connection with our breath & bodies, clear our minds, calm our emotions, activate non-judgmental self-awareness & drop into a deeper state of inner stillness clarity compassion wisdom  strength &  joy. Shawna began studying yoga in1994 at Kripalu, and has been trained in various traditions over the last 18 years; she strives to incorporate an eclectic blend of all that she's learned and continues to learn In her journey of life on and off the yoga mat.

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