Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 21-07-2014 /
Mya's love of focusing inwards and being health conscious drew her to yoga in 2006. She instantly fell in love with yoga, and in her opinion, everyone would fall in love with yoga and the immediate spiritual benefits.
This motivated her to begin teacher training accredited to the beautiful trio of Erik, Elise and Meghan from Full Circle Yoga in Longmont, CO.
Her background in break-dancing, mermaiding, and an active lifestyle adds a unique touch to her class. She teaches from an authentic heart and if for one perfect moment she could inspire someone through her yoga love that is worth everything. She is always amazed in her own practice at the transformations within herself which keep her humble and makes for an enthusiastic warm teacher. She believes that there is one light, one love and will continue to share her yoga ways to the whole world with her heart shinning out, through, over and beyond. We are all one in Mya's class!
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