Pose Of The Month: Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)

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Francis De Sales said it best when he said, “Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.” When faced with the beauty of that quote, one pose comes to mind, Warrior II. This divine posture challenges the mind, emotions and strength, while allowing the Warrior to feel inexplicable vigor and tenacity. To be a Warrior is to be forceful and durable on the inside while portraying peace and tranquility. On that note, let’s dive right into our first Virabhadrasana of the series, Virabhadrasana II.

This is one of the many nourishing hip opening poses found in a standard Vinyasa Class. If you’re looking to improve your stamina and concentration, Virabhadrasana II is the pose for you.  The wide stance specializes in strengthening your feet, ankles and legs, while expanding the chest and shoulders. Grab your mat and take this opportunity to enhance your stability, breathing and digestion.




Beginning in Low Lunge
Align the ankle and knee of your bent leg and invigorate your quad. Simultaneously lengthen and intensify your back leg. Place your hands on the ground in front of you (on either side of your foot) and enjoy the delicacy of this pose. Once you’re ready, read below.

Virabhadrasana II

  • Spin your back heel down at 90 degrees and cartwheel your arms upward.
  • Draw your shoulder blades back and down and stack them over your hips.
  • Square you shoulders and hips to the side and engage your core.
  • Draw your bent knee back, allowing your hip to open.
  • With your arms out straight and strong, gaze forward.
  • Lastly, sink a little deep, and breathe!

What a powerful pose; the simplicity of Warrior II allows beginners and advanced yogis to take great pride in their practice, health and stamina. Thank you for joining us on our mats, if you have any suggestions or requests for September’s pose of the month, please comment below.


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