Full Circle Event: Anatomy & Physiology Workshop

Author: Jackieb / Date: 20-08-2014 / Tag: Full Cirle Yoga, Yoga and Anatomy, Yoga Longmont, Anatomy and Physiology, David Abookire, Jackie Boeheim, Yoga Workshop /

Anatomy and Yoga are kindred spirits and educating yourself on the intricacies of your body will not only better your practice, its putting health and safety first. Full Circle Yoga appreciates the union between Anatomy and Yoga and look forward to enlightening its instructors and advanced students this Sunday at 2:00pm.

Boulder Therapeutics owner, David Abookire will passionately lead the level two Anatomy & Physiology workshop. Along with treating athletes and injured clients, Abookire educates yoga instructors through his Functional Anatomy courses. “My class is about understanding themes in the body so yoga instructors can make healthier choices on their own and apply the information immediately to their practice.”

Having practiced yoga for 17 years, Abookire understands the vitality for instructors to comprehend multiple body types. Downward Facing Dog for a hypermobile student may look and feel different for students experiencing stiffness. Having the ability to tend to each yogi is a safety skill needed by all instructors.   

Teachers will enlighten their mind, body and spirit through this workshop and in return, will provide their students with the comfort and freedom they need to express a secure practice.  “When teachers truly understand human anatomy on a deep level, they can teach a class which guides their students safely thru the class and offers proper modifications, cues and language so students understand how to move properly.” Abookire also encourages a controlled practice over an egotistical practice. It’s common for students and teachers alike to push themselves into hazardous poses, causing unnecessary injuries.

At Full Circle Yoga we are proud to have a team of knowledgeable instructors who put the safety of their students first. Abookire encourages all yoga instructors as well as advanced students to continually further their awareness of Anatomy and Physiology. “My goal is for students to leave my classes with a better understanding of the mechanics behind human physical anatomy and for them to keep yoga poses safe for themselves and their students. “

The event is this Sunday from 2:00pm – 7:00pm and registration can be found here.