Student Spotlight: Sharon Glassman

Author: Jackieb / Date: 27-08-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Longmont CO, Yoga Studio, Sharon Glassman, Jackie Boeheim, Blame it on Hoboken, Colorado Music Biz Org /

Sharon Glassman is a mastermind at balancing life, work and yoga. Her circadian routine involves stage performance, musical acts and multi-talented writing, making her both imaginative and aesthetic. Her ingenious approach to life is what provokes her inspirational yoga practice; she trains with a full heart and harmonious spirit.

Glassman has been a dedicated Full Circle Yoga student since July of 2012, making her one of the studios first students. The serene environment and notion of community created by FCY is what encourages Glassman to return, “I love that Full Circle Yoga is a local business created and fueled by folks who live, work and/or hang out in Longmont.”

Days are often filled with intense deadlines and frantic schedules, having a studio to call home plays a major importance in Glassman’s life. “Yoga helps me de-stress and build focus on my mat.” Sharon explains. “It helps me approach the rest of my day with a greater sense of flow - and the feeling that I've already accomplished something worthwhile”

BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN is the latest novel written by Glassman, it’s a quirky and amusing story about following your dreams. It’s performed live with songs and artistries by Glassman herself and provides audiences with playful spins on this extravagant tale. Her song, BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN, won a Colorado Music Biz Org Songwriting prize, making it one of the best live performances to catch this year.

Full Circle Yoga supports its students and encourages their daily enterprise. That’s why Sharon Glassman and Elise Edson are teaming up this Sunday at 9:30am to bring you a song-filled yoga class. Glassman will be accompanied by her guitar and is excited to share excerpts from BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN with the class. We look forward to seeing you and thank Sharon for spreading her cheer with her fellow FCY students.

To learn more about Sharon, visit and below you can enjoy some music clips from the artist herself.
Arrow of Love (Preview)
Broken Sea