Full Circle Event: Chakra Workshop with Valerie D’Ambrosio

Author: Jackieb / Date: 26-09-2014 /

Understanding your Chakras is the beginning to understanding yourself, and what a beautiful journey of appreciation. Some of you may be Chakra experts while others are cocking their head at the word (and trying to pronounce it), that’s ok, we’re here to educated the newbies and guide the pros. On October 1st from 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Full Circle Yoga will be hosting a Chakra Workshop with Valerie D’Ambrosio, who will encourage a deep connection with your Chakras.

In the workshop, D’Ambrosio will talk about our seven Chakras, known as our energy centers. Knowing your Chakras is vital to your health and wellness as a blocked Chakra can cause unexpected and more importantly, unwanted, illnesses. D’Ambrosio explains that having the willingness to open yourself up to these seven intricate areas will provide a great deal of knowledge and wholeness. “The body is wise and constantly talking to us. When we can learn to speak the language, the journey is that much more fun!”

Entering into this type of depth can be intimidating and emotional, and those feelings are completely natural. However, there is a passionately alluring side to this depth, and that’s love. Throughout this workshop you’ll be touched with different emotions, and it’s important to honor the intimacy of this moment. “It is an extremely personal practice and an opportunity to let it be that....yours,” D’Ambrosio explains. “To practice not allowing other people's experiences or opinions effect you, and really own your own.”

Getting in touch with your Chakras on October 1st is just the beginning of your lifelong journey. It takes many years and multiple experiences to appreciate the specificity of your energy centers. Begin practicing now and continue practicing eternally. As D’Ambrosio illustrates “It is one that you can continue to learn about and one that once you open the door to, can enhance your life greatly.”
The cost is $20 and registration can be found here!

Image Credit: Luckin Love