Full Circle Event: Partner Yoga Workshop

Author: Jackieb / Date: 06-10-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Yoga Studio, Longmont CO, lara barber, Partner Yoga, Partner Based Yoga, Workshop, Jackie Boeheim /

Everything is better with a partner, especially Yoga. The benefits of practicing with a friend, loved one or acquaintance are immense. The nourishment we receive from Partner Yoga is constructive to our spirits, our emotions and most importantly, our relationships.  Principle Based Partner Yoga emboldens the heart, mind & spirit connection between each individual.

Full Circle instructor, Lara Barber, has been practicing Principle Based Partner Yoga since 2008 and sharing her wisdom with others since 2012. “Being that I have been a Certified and Registered Massage Therapist since 2006, teaching Partner Yoga was the next step of growth along my path as a teacher and therapist.” Barber explained. “I have discovered that combining the power of touch with yoga has transformed my practice, relationships, presence, and life in a multitude of different dimensions.”

It’s through the caress of kindness that we are able to deepen our exercise and expand our wisdom of the human nature. Partner Yoga is the act of allowing yourself to open up to another in a beautiful way. You will not only rely on your partner, you will trust your partner, and that’s the beginning to a promising practice. Barber believes in the emotional and energetic connection that’s made through partner yoga, “Practicing yoga with a partner allows for a sacred space of connection and growth to emerge. When you have the contact of another body in your postures it allows you to physically open up to new levels that you could never do alone.”

This type of practice doesn’t take an expert yogi or weathered teacher; it takes an open heart and love for connection. This workshop will enhance your practice through another’s touch. The creativity behind the intricate poses will offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere; falling is ok and struggling is welcome. And yes, there will be yoga flying! Incorporating flying in this workshop is allowing us to learn about  and welcome the eleven universal principles of partner-based yoga, Union, trust, compassion, creativity, touch, balance, intimacy, silence, grounding, surrender and community.

Join your community on Wednesday, October 8th from 7:00pm – 9:30pm to experience this yoga adventure for yourself. “We will play with the therapeutic skill of Thai Yoga Massage, offering our partner nurturing and effortless stretching and opening.” Barber shares. Bring your mat, water and a towel. Feel free to arrive with or without a partner, while this is a partner-based workshop, it’s an opportunity to grow as an individual.