Pose Of The Month: Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana)

Author: Jackieb / Date: 15-10-2014 /

Many of you have requested that we showcase side crow as a pose in our pose of the month series, I’m happy to announce that it’s finally here! What a divine pose, am I right? This posture is a variation of crow pose, which in and of itself is a wicked arm balance. Side Crow, like many poses in Yoga, tests your concentration and internal harmony. It’s an advanced pose but one that’s within reach of many of you dedicated yogis.

Your arms will carry the weight, your abdominals will control the balance, your spine will offer stabilization and your concentration will bring solitude. This is an all-encompassing posture that requires stride from multiple parts of your body. That’s why it’s important to warm-up before attempting; allow your physique to be rehearsed before throwing it into this passionate exercise.

As mentioned above, you will strengthen not only your arms, abdominals and spine with this pose, but you will see improvement in your shoulders and wrists. You will take a level of awareness with you when off the mat, as side crow is a beautiful enhancer to our everyday lives. It’s through the concentration and agility that we are able to apply these learnings to our home, jobs and relationships.

Pose Instructions

  • Begin in a squat with your knees to your chest; hang here for a breath or two before moving forward.
  • Bringing your hands in front of you, come up to the balls of your feet and place your hands below your face with your fingers spread wide and your hands at shoulder width distance.
  • With your palms firmly pushing against the floor, swivel your knees facing right.
  • And with great concentration, begin to rock forward, stacking your hips on top of the left arm and your knees on top of the right. It’s important to distribute your weight evenly between both arms, this will aide in your balance.
  • Begin to slowly take your feet off the ground, one at a time, until you’ve accomplished your goal.
  • Be sure to practice the other side, a balanced yoga practice is a balanced mind.

Practice makes almost perfect and almost perfect is a fantastic place to be. If this isn’t in your practice, keep playing with crow pose and enjoy the benefits from that practice. Grab your yoga teacher after class and have him / her assist you in this pose, it is, after all, the pose of the month!