Yoga, The Medicine for Depression

Author: Jackieb / Date: 31-10-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, yoga studio longmont, Krista Key, Yoga and Depression, Jackie Boeheim /

It’s the students that inspire us, their willingness to give and the eagerness to better themselves. Our studio is packed full with bright faces and open hearts, everyday and every hour is a celebration at Full Circle Yoga. Each month we like to take a moment to highlight and honor one of the many incredible students that walk through our doors.

Krista Key is a former student of Full Circle Yoga; she found her home with the studio in March of 2014.  It was the welcoming nature of the yoga instructors that drew Key, a hard-working stay at home mom, to the Longmont studio. When you’re a mother of four, it’s difficult to make time for yourself; but Key managed to make it to every type of class and every level class that FCY had to offer. She even maintained her yoga lifestyle after being diagnosed with Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, two life-changing illnesses.

Depression is described as extreme sadness, often times accompanied with misery. It’s a dark place for those who have been there and is usually treated by therapists and medication. PTSD arrived in Key’s life after her young daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, the pressure and energy that it took to keep her safe drove Key to even more therapists in medication. But, was it worth it? “I began to wonder if paying $550 a month for my doctor, therapist, and medications was the right decision, as I was not noticing much improvement, “ Key describes.

On July 23rd of 2011, Key stepped foot into her first Yoga class and through intricate breathing exercises and relaxation techniques she was able to wean herself off the medications. You see, Yoga is so much more than an exercise; it’s an hour-long therapy session, an hour-long meditation and quality time with yourself. Key explains it as healing and it’s holistic, “All I know is that when I am making it to my mat regularly, I am more present, peaceful, happier, and my life (as well as those around me) goes a heck of a lot better too!”

When faced with difficult times or hardening diagnostics, yoga can be an enhancing and rewarding. You will feel awakened, renewed, relaxed, stimulated, energized and strengthened. Like Key, you can find a place to call home and a chance to start over. Your life can begin now, you are in charge and Yoga is simply a tool to help you get there.

While we were sad to see her leave, we hope the lessons of life and love acquired at our student is with her in Arizona!  Key had one last thing to share with our staff, “I would like to thank everyone at Full Circle Yoga for being you!  Such beautiful souls have come together in such a unique way to create such a wonderful family that is so welcoming and supportive.  Erik has an amazing ability of picking the best instructors.”