Pose Of The Month: Handstands

Author: Jackieb / Date: 14-11-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Yoga Longmont, Jackie Boeheim, Handstands, Inversiona /

Pose Of The Month: Handstands

Inversions are a popular method used by many yoga teachers to improve the yogi’s blood circulation.  The most beloved inversion is the handstand; for it creates a healthy amount of fear and stamina while energizing your mind. The power of reversing your gravity is a common medicine for improving upon your memory and concentration.


If you’re feeling a bit sluggish or under the weather, getting your body into a handstand will awaken the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is invigorated by gravity and acts as a magnet to toxins and bad bacteria, cleaning out your body from the inside. Skip the medicine counter and get upside down!

With a solid handstand, you’re not only removing toxins, you’re building strength and assurance. With the use of a strong core and undying confidence, you are able to kick yourself up (and enjoy) into this beloved inversion. Let’s walk through this pose together.




  1. Perform your handstand at least midway through your practice, after you body has been warmed up and your breath is centered.
  2. Find a spot near the wall and have a block within reach before moving into this posture.
  3. Come into Downward Facing Dog and take a few deep stretches here, pressing your chest towards your thighs and your heels cascading into the ground.
  4. Gaze down at your fingers and hands; create alignment with your wrists and press evenly in your hands with you thumb and forefinger firm on the earth. 
  5. Begin to slowly walk your feet towards your hands until you’ve reached your comfort level.
  6. Come onto the balls of your feet and lift one leg at a time with a closed a hip to prepare for the next step of kicking up into your handstand. For a modification, you can bring one foot up onto the block at a time. Take turns lifting each leg until you feel comfortable.
  7. With one leg lifted, begin to rock forward into your hands with straight arms and kicking up with the opposite leg. This is a great place to be and a wonderful start towards the journey of a handstand.
  8. Once you’ve kicked both legs into the air, engage your core and point your toes. Begin centering your legs in line with your body and breathe.
  9. To come out of your handstand, slowly bring your feet back down to the earth and take a rag doll.

The most important cue in this pose is to HAVE FUN!! Play, laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. Full Circle Yoga will be hosting an inversions and arm balances workshop on Thursday, November 20th @ 7:00pm. We invite you to join us in play!