Event Highlight: Heavy Metal Yoga Workshop

Author: Jackieb / Date: 01-12-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Yoga Longmont CO, Yoga Studio, Heavy Metal Yoga, Yoga Workshop, Erik Schnakenberg, Jackie Boeheim /

It’s true; rock stars really do enjoy yoga. The practice, unfortunately, has gained a stereotype of attracting the free spirited hippies… but it’s time we put that notion to stop. Metal heads, yoga is for you, to be completely honest, yoga is for everyone.
On Sunday, December 7th, from 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Full Circle Yoga will be hosting a Heavy Metal Workshop. This will become a beautiful relationship of our mats and artists like Metallica. Owner, Erik Schnackenberg will host this event, looking to share his love of yoga and music with you.
“I Love the energy and power of Heavy Metal and its just another form of energy that as we learn in Yoga needs and wants to be acknowledged and used but in a productive and healthy way,” Schnackenberg explains. “Not bottling or dismissing frustration or anger.”
And if you’re wondering if this class will be chock full of head banging, rest assured, it will be typical to a Vinyasa Flow Class. However, if it’s head banging that’s calling to you, there’s no one there to stop ya! Schnackenberg offers some insight, “This class will draw out and use up aggressive energy - and profanity will be allowed! It’s about honoring, using it and letting it burn out to experience deep honest peace on the other side of the storm.”
As explained above, the theme of this class will be to honor our frustration and anger. Often times these feelings are bottled up and lacked away, this shouldn’t be the case. Let’s celebrate our feelings, let’s express our feelings, and what better way? “When we consciously release it in a healthy way - it loses power and we can feel peace.” Schnackenberg is passionate about this practice as it allows us to burn our hostile energy instead of turning it on our loved ones.

Bring yourself, bring a friend or bring your spouse; you have all the tools you need to make this an enjoyable experience. Our ears will be gifted with the sounds of Pantera, Slayer and many many more. Pre-register today and prepare yourself for a Heavy Metal blowout!