Student Highlight: Natasha Hubbard

Author: Jackieb / Date: 09-12-2014 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Yoga Longmont CO, yoga studio longmont, Yoga Addiction Recovery, Natasha Hubbard /


Like many women, Natasha Hubbard hit a roadblock on this journey we call life. She found herself at the age of 40 having been laid off from two jobs, leaving a 13-year relationship and turning to alcohol as her sole comfort. I expect that most of our readers are nodding in a compassion of understanding; whether you’re at the start, middle or end of your life, challenges occur.

“My body was breaking down. I could see no hope in my life. I felt completely alone.” Hubbard endured an overwhelming feeling of depression and anxiety, leaving her with the sense that something needed to change. “Finding my way back has been a long, strange journey, taken in baby steps.” But finding her way back was where her quest for better days began.

After turning her back on alcohol, she had the urge to fill her days with positivity and happiness. “Getting sober left me looking for better ways to manage stress and live my truth,” Hubbard explains. After finding a career she was passionate about and investing her mind, body and soul into yoga; she noticed significant changes.

Yoga is a body-centered practice that can aid in fighting addiction, it’s more than an exercise, it’s therapy. Through nurturing poses, kind touches and wholesome breath work; yoga is quite beneficial. The practice encourages compassion for your body, and in this instance, compassion is the medicine. Hubbard lives that truth on her mat, “it is meditation on a soul level,” she expresses. “Quiet calm slowly replaces paralyzing anxiety.”

You too can find relief from your day to day by visiting your mat. Hubbard now practices yoga to find confidence and balance. “My body is stronger and my mind more peaceful. Yoga helped to heal a broken soul so that I could create my story.” The journey to recovery begins with you, let’s create that story together.