Yoga Teacher Training

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Our Next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will begin September 12th 2018!


*Now includes THREE FREE months of Unlimited Yoga!


Enhance your life and become a Certified Yoga Teacher or simply deepen your own experience with our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification!



" Teacher training was one of the most powerful experiences I've encountered in my life.  From the workshops to the teaching in round robin,  I have never felt so open to, and aware of my senses, my relationships, and how I connect with my environment.  It was deeply moving." ~ Gina R.              



Learn how to teach a complete beginner or intermediate Yoga class!


In this program you will also learn:

  • Proper alignment and how to best avoid injuries.
  • How to teach from your heart and how to encourage and inspire people.
  • How to give safe and helpful hands-on adjustments while connecting with all the students.
  • How to construct a natural, flowing, dynamic and empowering class and unite breath with movement.
  • How to guide a yoga class providing a healthy workout for the mind, body and spirit.
  • How to sense students energies, both physically and emotionally, as well as the feeling of a the class as a whole.
  • Basic physiology, kinesiology and anatomy
  • Powerful Heart-opening exercises
  • Dive into the deepest elements of Yoga and the human experience with highly respected and experienced instructors!


Powerful workshops include:

Journey through the Chakra's - What they are, what they do and how to nurish them!

Satya Workshop - Dive deep into your heart, your truth and your purpose!

Hands-on Assists Workshops - Learn and practice the divine joyful art of giving and recieving! 

Basic Anatomy & Phisiology Workshop!

Yamas and Niyamas  - The Yoga Sutras: How to practice teaching and living the universal Yogic principles for more peace, joy and serenity.

Cadaver Lab Tour with Beverly Boyer, RMT with Peak Research Institute - a local non-profit

and much more!


" I have found my voice and rediscovered my heart.  I am so excited to begin my journey as a yoga teacher, so that I can help others discover their own songs. And find their own unique ways of being their authentic selves in the world.  This is the true gift of yoga, the true gift of us as loving human beings to ourselves and to each other." ~ Kelly F.


You already have these gifts inside of you, we can help bring them up so you can feel the joy and share it with others.

Join us for this powerful transformative journey into your power, purpose and freedom!

Special Offer: Pay up front - ONLY $2,300!

Payment plan available! Just a $400 deposit then $300 per month secures your spot too!  ($2,600 total) 

...Because we want you in this program!

Certifed Program RYS # 116985


Training Schedule: 12 Weeks

Monday night 6pm-9pm

Wednesday nights 7pm-10pm

Saturdays (every other) 10am-6pm (with 1 hour lunch break)

Sundays 9am-5pm (with 1 hour luch break)


Space is very limited - reserve your place as soon as possible!

For more info or any questions, call / email Jennie (720) 442-2439 or Erik (970) 231-1784

Click HERE to sign up!

We sincerely hope you join us.