Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 09-01-2017 /


Aikido Instructor ~

Ever since my childhood in California, when I had a number of experiences that started me looking 'under the carpet' of the-way-things-were-and-worked-in-life, I have been following a growing feeling, a thread so to speak. This thread eventually led me to the path of Budo in 1986, taking a few varied martial arts turns until it led me to Aikido in 1996. I now hold a Menkyo (teaching) license in Aikido Shugenkai.

In my daily life and practice, I find this particular path to be very challenging, wondrous, exciting and mysterious, all the needed grist for my mill of personal growth, refinement and self-mastery. I teach because I love sharing what I have found with others, opening a door where there wasn't one.


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