Pose of the Month: Forearm Stand

Author: Jackieb / Date: 22-02-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Yoga Longmont CO, Yoga Studio, Forearm Stand /

To add a bit of humility to your practice, we invite you to rehearse forearm stand. This brave pose will build undoubting strength in your arms while increasing concentration and perseverance. Not only will your arms benefit, but your shoulders and back will experience invigoration.

As with all Asanas, Forearm Stand offers great prosperity to your mental and emotional state. Depression is difficult to manage and one of the great blessings of Forearm Stands is relief from depression, fatigue, stress and anxiety. Take this chance to restore your health and wellness, to regain balance in you life and stretch the acute muscles in your chest.

Whether you’re a vet or a newbie, if your practice needs it, ask for assistance. If you don’t have a yogi within arms reach, grab your favorite wall!

How to Get Into Forearm Stand:

  • First, open and stretch your shoulders with Reverse Cow Face and Dolphin Pose (Venturing into Dolphin Push-Ups).
  • Once you’re ready and either by the wall or with a spot, from Dolphin Pose, start walking your feet towards your elbows.
  • When you feel ready, raise your right leg towards the sky and hold for a few breaths. Repeat that sensation with the left side.
  • A great option here is to come into child’s pose and take a few breaths before launching into full-blown forearm stand.
  • Once you’re ready, meet us back in Dolphin Pose and start walking your feet towards your elbows.
  • This time, begin kicking towards the ceiling, leading with your right foot. Once both legs are raised high, tighten your core as it will help you balance.
  • Release back down to Dolphins Pose, one leg at a time, and rest in Child’s Pose.


There’s no need to perfect this pose or to become the ultimate master. It’s simply a practice of humbleness.