Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 05-06-2013

Gina has been practicing yoga for about 11 years, but was inspired to go further with her practice throughout her time in Asia in 2010-2011.  When she lived in Thailand she resided near a Buddhist temple.  Hearing the monks perform their daily chants, walking through the temple grounds on her way to school, and sitting in front of images of the Buddha many times over, she was inspired to live a life more in line with Buddhist principles and a lifestyle of yoga.  After she had been home in the U.S. Read more about Gina


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 02-04-2013

As a Colorado girl through and through, Kelly has always enjoyed movement from hiking to skiing to rock climbing. As a favor to a friend she tried yoga. She had no idea just what that would lead to, but it was an incredible journey from day one.  After an intensive, freeing and life changing yoga teacher training at Full Circle Yoga, Kelly is excited to share with others what she found for herself in her own practice. Her classes are an open space to explore personal limitations and strengths within the confines of compassion and acceptance. Read more about Kelly


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 28-01-2013

As an MMA practitioner Jimmy abused his body for several years, though finding great discipline and knowledge, the injuries were taking there toll. In 2008 he was introduced to yoga in Austin, TX. Only practicing once a week he began to notice increased flexibility, stamina, and clear breath. The sense of peace and clarity he would find from practicing was very intriguing as well. After moving to Longmont in 2011, he decided to really delve into his yoga practice and himself. He graduated teacher training in October 2012 and has been teaching ever since. Read more about Jimmy


Author: Full-Circle-Yoga / Date: 28-01-2013

Meghan loves movement. Being a ballet teacher and dancer, she creates unique classes inspired by music, filled with focus on alignment and breath.
She found yoga in her early teens with the discovery that yoga asanas help heal the body and allows one to reach new heights in flexibility and strength.
Read more about Meghan


Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 24-05-2012


Elise Edson (M.S., ERYT-200) has been learning and practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2009.  Her focus is to create empowering, healing experiences for her students that address the unique needs of each student. Her style is primarily Vinyasa flow, but she blends various teachings from Prana flow, Jivamukti, and Forrest yoga styles.


Author: Full Circle Yoga / Date: 21-05-2012