Student Highlight: Beth Lawrence

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 29-05-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Beth Lawrence, Yoga, joy, breathe, breath /

The student highlight interview for the month of May with Beth Lawerence, was beautiful to say the least.  You would never guess from her powerful yoga practice that this vibrant, 57 years young, happy yogini sobbed at her first yoga class at Full Circle Yoga about a year and a half ago. She opened up and shared that during her first class at Full Circle Yoga, gifted by her daughter, that  “she was done for, I cried, I was a mess, the instructor scooped me up and I realized the teachers are a blessing, without even knowing that they are doing so, their humility is so loud.” She went on to say that “the teachers and yoga help repair ourselves giving us the inner strength and power to do whatever we need.” Beth is a lovely testament that joy can start from tears and often does so. She spoke about how yoga was a heart opener and it cracked her heart wide open, while also confessing that vulnerability is a scary experience.I can only imagine how many people this resonates with.

Now, Beth consistently practices yoga at Full Circle. She is healthy, strong, resilient and so beautiful inside and out. When asked about her favorite aspect of yoga Beth said, “It’s a time of inward reflection, yoga is not about the pose, it’s about letting yourself be you, and Full Circle lets us to do that.”  She mentioned how powerful breath is and how we often take it for granted. “I held my breath for 10 years”, Beth shared, “the holding of the breath is like holding on to everything that is pushing on you, and yoga frees you from this.” Yoga helps reconnect us to our breath that reveals our core being and inner strength. “The world still goes on and the breath helps you through the difficult moments of life,” Beth explained.

“Yoga taught me that life is not an emergency and to live it and enjoy it every breath of the way, I want to live with my hands wide open.” There is no question about it; Beth displays exactly this on a daily basis. She is semi-retired and spends her days volunteering at nursing homes, dementia facilities and at her grandkids schools. She not only practices yoga on the mat, but her selfless service embodies yoga off the mat as well. Her enthusiasm and joy is contagious to others, she is often spotted greeting her yoga neighbor and engaging with everyone in the studio. She lovingly shared with me that she simply “wants people to see the light, joy and power of life.”  To sit with her hearing these words flow freely from her heart as happy tears glistened in her eyes I knew her story was important to share. She reminds anyone and everyone that “a yoga practice is about being authentically you, taking the time to repair yourself, it’s not being selfish.”  With breath and vulnerability your inner strength will show itself paving the way for joy to burst from your heart allowing you to give to yourself and others. Be true to you and breathe through the ebb and flows of life.  You’ll find something so beautiful along the way, yourself. Thank you Beth for sharing your journey.