Student Highlight: Christine Bellfield

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 26-02-2016 / Tag: Christine Bellfield, Full Circle Yoga, Family, Unconditional love, yogi, loss, presence /

Christine is a beacon of light when she walks into Full Circle Yoga.  Her smile is nurturing, friendly and always there. She holds her yoga practice with full gratitude and acceptance to be exactly how it is. Christine described how yoga has helped her “show up for herself, to be fully appreciative of who she is and to be in the present moment.”  She has a strong yoga practice on the mat as well as off the mat.  Christine is a resilient woman who learned what unconditional love was as she courageously supported her family during a loss this past year. She explains how important it is to “be fully present,” and it encourages her to bravely show up in the moment as a loving wife, mother and the beautiful person she is. Christine proclaims that yoga “makes me ready to go out into the world regardless of what life brings.”

Christine has practiced at Full Circle Yoga for about 2 years and said, “it was the spiritual path that spoke to me rather than just the physical one.” The loving community of the studio is what drew her in even more and guided her to deepen her practice by being part of the teacher training, ultimately achieving her yoga teacher certification. She spoke about how in life she “always would sit in the back, but at yoga she enjoys sitting in front and sharing what she loves with everyone else.” At times in our day to day routine we all can agree that we might “sit in the back” and not give ourselves enough credit, but yoga helps us look inside only to find ways to break free of the external blocks. “Regardless of the mirror, yoga is always internal looking inside yourself,” Christine shared.  Yoga inspires us to grow out of our shells in search for our deeper selves that we all innately want to reconnect with. Christine told me how important yoga is to her to “take time for myself; to fully appreciate my body, and it simply makes me happy.”

When not at the studio Christine spends her days sometimes working from home as an appraiser and being a loving wife and mother. As I spoke to Christine you could tell how enamored she is with her family. She mentioned that, “yoga helps her presently connect with herself promoting her to be the best mom and wife possible.” Christine vulnerably admitted that at times she can get caught up in wind of the egos self talk that “isn’t always good and takes me to past or future situations.” We all we get swept away in the past and future and forget that the present moment is where life blossoms. “I spent a lot of time in my head and with the ego making up situations and I had no idea it was my ego, but now I am able to tell the ego to stop and I can bring myself to the present rather than wasting time on stuff or situations that didn’t even matter or exist.”  The ego resides within each of us and Christine brings up a great point of acceptance. “Being aware is such a huge step in my own growth.” She talked about her awareness liberates her from the ideas of the ego and allows her to be more authentically her true self.

During the deep yoga teacher training Christine and her family had to go through one of the hardest things families have to endure in this world. Her mother in law was fatally ill and without hesitation up rooted their lives and endeavors here in Colorado to travel to Ohio to be by her side till her last breath.  Christine admits that she “never realized what it truly meant to unconditionally love as much as a wife and mother, I wouldn’t have it any other way then to be there with open arms for my husband and daughter.” Through a new appreciation for awareness and presence she was able to be there to “both love and mourn” among her family with every ounce of her being. “The important thing for me was to experience this with my daughter and to show her that  death is not a scary thing, I think that a lot of time we are afraid of death and don’t truly experience living. This is part of life,” Christine pointed out. “When she passed there was a peaceful calm, everything was ok. I feel since I was secure in my space I was able to be there fully for my husband and my daughter. I was able to give back what they have given to me, love. That is what yoga is. I was a part of that healing process and dropping everything didn’t matter,” Christine bravely continued.

Yoga is about unity, healing, love, presence, and acceptance. Christine herself as well as the way she walks through this world embodies this idea. From her smile that lights up the room, or her soul bearing yoga practice, to the way she unconditionally loves her family; she is a reverent example of the deep inner work that comes with the yogi path. We all meet on the mat to connect with our true selves with full acceptance, like Christine suggested, which in turn allows us to string together present moments of unconditional love weaving this beautiful tapestry of life that connects us all.