Student Highlight: Margaret Bickmore

Author: Jackieb / Date: 30-01-2015 / Tag: yoga studio longmont, Longmont CO, Student Highlight, Margaret Bickmore, Jackie Boeheim /

Each month, we eagerly highlight one of our awesome students. Everyday, our yoga practice in enhanced by the honesty and selflessness of every student that walks through our doors. This month, we’ve taken some time to chat with Margaret Bickmore, a two year Full Circle vet with a lot to share.


As a stay at home mother of three boys, Margaret understands the importance of daily balance, making it vital for her daily yoga practice. “Yoga is great for both my body and mind. I feel so much more at ease physically in my body since I took up yoga,” Bickmore explains. “Now I feel more centered, balanced, and healthy overall.”


In addition to tending to her three sons, she cares for her mother whose been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, an illness that causes memory loss and behavioral changes, among other side effects. Bickmore spends many of her days putting others first, as she also volunteers a great deal with the school system.


Yoga offers a timeout from her day-to-day, “All is well for the hour I am on my mat. I don't worry or plan or even really think very much, I just *am*. It's a nourishing and restorative time.” Yoga is the practice of being present, and for many, that hour of the day allows the mind to relax and repair.


If you find yourself reading this post with familiarity, we encourage you to take some time, everyday, to meditate, sit quietly or practice yoga. For Bickmore, Yoga isn’t about achieving the toughest balancing pose, it’s about finding balance in her day. “My practice has definitely helped me cope with the stresses of my mother's illness and the craziness of raising teenage boys. Yoga is a safe harbor, a place just for me, on those days when life is taking all I've got.”