Student Highlight: Terri Boettcher

Author: Jackieb / Date: 27-03-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, yoga studio longmont, Terri Boetcher, MS /

Incorporating the beliefs, practices and mantras of yoga in your everyday life is a learned talent, but one that offers great benefits. Full Circle Yoga student, Terri Boettcher, has reached the pinnacle part in her practice where she can feel Yoga from sun up to sun down.

This type of practice is one of compassion and tenderness towards your self. Becoming aware of the mind, body and spirit is allowing the self to create a viable connection of character consciousness. After many years of practice and discipline, this is a gift that Terri cherishes.  “I can tap into my breath or an intention or mantra at any time,” Boettcher explains.  “I listen to my body now and I practice specific daily poses that that not only enhance my emotional and physical conditional but I feel are medicine for me.”

Boettcher was diagnosed with MS, a disease that attacks the central nervous system, when she was just 40. After much research and self-search, she took the healing approach of Western Medicine and Yoga, and has been in remission for over 12 years now. “I know I can count on connecting with my breath, setting an intention, and taking both into my body nourishing and releasing whatever I need to that day. “

The embodiment of the spiritual and physical practice is what encouraged Boettcher to find a place of healing, not only during the tough times, but every single day. As she describes it; the Mind, Body Spirit connection is… “yoga magic.”

If a calm breath is hard to come by, try rolling out your mat. If a centered spirit seems unreachable, sit quietly and listen to your mindy, body and spirit needs. “Try going to yoga in whatever emotional, spiritual or physical shape you are in and open up to the experience of that moment and just be,” Boettcher explains. “And after a while you’ll take the lessons learned on matt off the mat and back again!”