Student Highlight: Todd Deboom

Author: myaizzolena / Date: 31-07-2015 / Tag: Full Circle Yoga, Todd Deboom, yoga family, yoga community, Yoga /

Todd has been coming to Full Circle Yoga since the very beginning. He has been one of the original students who have seen FCY blossom and become home for so many including himself and his wife. He lightheartedly spoke about his first practice at FCY; “I can still remember meeting Erik for the first time.  I was in class (around Halloween time) practicing next to this guy in a martial arts outfit and a wig and headband and he was doing horse lips (very new to me at the time).  I kept smiling to myself and thinking who is this guy?  Little did I know it was Erik, the energy and leader of FCY.” Needless to say he was hooked from the beginning and decided to make FCY his home as most of us do after a short time. The energy and love is undeniable within the studio and we all become an extended family. We are able to explore ourselves fully with support from one another along the way.

Todd is an amazing reminder about how influential a yoga family can be.  During a yoga class we connect with our fellow yogis by; sharing the present moment on the mat, being vulnerable, laughing and celebrating humanity with one another.  As an instructor at FCY, I could never imagine life without the students for they are the ones who hold the key to authenticity and enjoyment in guiding a yoga class. Todd is a prime example of how wonderful our yoga family is. He may sneak silently into class as he settles in. However, do not be fooled, his warm smile is surely to greet you before, during and after class. His practice is strong and filled with heart; his yoga passion goes beyond words. “Yoga helps bring both the physical and mental balance and peace to my life and body.  I've always been an endurance junkie and thrived on the solitude and high of endurance type sports (swimming biking running), but as I've gotten older I find that I also love and need the group practice and community of yoga.  Yoga helps rebalance me physically.  It also helps me practice living in the present tense which I think so many of us struggle with.”  His insight resonates with so many of us and that’s why we all end up connecting on the mat. The yoga community is a warm and inviting place for us all to show up soul first, knowing we will be supported and loved. 

Todd dubbing Full Circle as his yoga home is a huge compliment especially coming from a true family man. A strong man is always supported by an equally strong woman and in this case Todds wife recommended Full Circle Yoga to Todd, “My wife Dena, actually found FYC for me. I was in a bit of a rut with my daily grind and routine of work and workouts and needed something new and close by for an escape. Dena (who also practices at FCY) and I love FCY for it's instructors who all have such great energy, styles, and personalities. Erik seems to always find instructors that are a great fit in the FCY family…no egos, bits of wisdom, and an obvious love for yoga. They create a peaceful, enthusiastic and a challenging environment.” We all journey through life to experience it at its fullest especially by surrounding ourselves with loved ones. Todd is a hard working loving family man always expanding and exploring new ways of living, “I work as a pathologist/physician in Longmont, so I spend most of my days looking in a microscope diagnosing disease and cancer (not great for the neck and back).   On the side, my wife and I are developing a small farm in Lyons, complete with chickens, goats, cows, and pigs, which is lots of fun, hard physical work, and a great escape.  The rest of my time is spent with my two kids Eli and Rowan who give me my true purpose in life (and the need to keep my body young!).”  Yoga invigorates our bodies and mind to help us stay enthusiastic about life, but it also allows us to be true to the moment even in life’s shadows.

Todd, as all of us, has experienced his fair share of hardships in life. He courageously choose to share the following with our community, “In 2013 over a 2 month period my mother died, I was in a bad bike crash resulting in several broken bones, and was crushed by the flood in Lyons....FCY was there for support when I needed it, and I began to understand the 'yoga family’.  They helped repair my body and spirit.  I count on FCY and it's wonderful group of instructors to continue to support me physically and spiritually for years to come.” Through these challenging times we are often tested mentally, physically and spiritually. When life throws its blows a consistent yoga practice and a loving support of family/extended family, we begin to realize that with any fall that life may bring we can emerge renewed and bravely fly again. Todd, a man who is not afraid and takes the road less traveled says it best, “ I try not to worry too much about things, worry is a mental killer and time suck…the river will carry you somewhere whether you like it or not, don’t fight it too much, just flow.” The ebb and flow of life can vary greatly, but with mindfulness and love surrounding us day by day, the ebb and flow becomes less exaggerated and we travel through life with slightly more ease. Thanks to Todd and his humbleness, he gently prompts us that life on and off the mat is abundant and is filled with blessings no matter how insignificant they may seem. We are all connected to the journey and with the love of family showing up from all walks of life we are able to transcend over and beyond, becoming a guiding beacon of light to all who seek unconditional love.